Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Australian Women's 100 Fly

In the 100 Fly at the 2009 Aussie World Championship trials, Libby Trickett was the favorite. She was the World and Olympic champion and the second fastest performer in history. The favorite for second was Jessicah Schipper, the 2005 World Champion and Olympic Bronze medalist. However, Schipper led the whole race and recorded a personal best 56.90, making her the third-fastest performer in history. While Schipper was doing her thing, Trickett was stuck in a three-way battle for second with Felicity Galvez and Stephanie Rice. In the end, Rice just outtouched Galvez and Trickett, who was fourth.

However, Rice may drop the event from her World Championship program because of conflicts with the 200 IM, her best event, and the 200 Free. If she does, Galvez (already on the team in free relays) would logically take her place, but many want Trickett to, based on her impressive credentials. Trickett does not believe she earned the spot, but Australian head coach Alan Thompson is still considering.

This brings up two questions: if Rice drops the 100 Fly from her Rome schedule, who DESERVES to take the spot, and who WILL be selected to take the spot?

POLL CLOSED - Results to be posted this weekend

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Editor's note: Rice did decide to pull out of the 100 Fly for Rome. Galvez was nominated to replace her, and she accepted.

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