Saturday, November 14, 2009

World Cup Berlin

Already six world records have fallen on the first day in Berlin, and there could be many more tomorrow. Some thoughts:

- Today was the first time Leisel Jones ditched her LZR to wear a Jaked. She suddenly dropped seven tenths off her world record. She proved two big points: 1) if everyone's wearing the same suit, she's the best, and 2) the suits have an effect. A big one.

- Same with Brent Hayden. He suddenly dumped his LZR, put on an X-Glide, and took a lot of time off his best in the 100 free.

- The French sprinters: Amaury Leveaux, 48.49, 33rd; Gregory Mallet, 48.55, 34th; Fabien Gilot, 50.00, 71st; William Meynard, 51.31, 87th: These results from today in Berlin are not encouraging. These guys are world-beaters with their suits, but the world record-holder Leveaux can't even manage the top 30 with jammers. Even Phelps did better than that! It's looking more and more like the days of complete French depth in the sprints are waning.

- Biedermann: did anyone see his "streamlines?" Non-existent. Doesn't matter with the suits. 1:38 in the 200 tomorrow. (His current world record is 1:40.83.)

- Phelps: the man's had a total of ONE good swim all week, the 100 IM in Stockholm. That 200 fly today was not good at all. You could mention the suits, which is a reason he's not winning, but he should be going faster than that, plain and simple. He shouldn't be losing the 200 IM and 200 fly by that much (if at all). He definitely should be making the 100 fly finals! Expect him to miss the 200 free (and 200 back) final tomorrow.

- I'm not looking forward to seeing no world records on next year's World Cup, BUT...

- It's sure gonna be nice when we don't have to talk about suits anymore!

I will leave you with evidence of what the Germans think about the Biedermann-Phelps re-match (which most likely won't take place) tomorrow.

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  1. Thank G-D the race didn't take place... just another reason for Paul to "bitch" about Phelps.

    Just as Steffen Deibler said... "these records will stand forever"... they are no fools... they know that from January on, they have a much harder time.

    I loved watching Phelps swim, no matter if he wins or not, it was just wonderful.