Saturday, April 4, 2009

100 Fly Poll Results

Here are the results from the Australian Women's 100 Fly poll:

Galvez - 47.8%
Trickett - 52.2%

Galvez 26.1%
Trickett 73.9%

Galvez DESERVES, Galvez WILL 21.7%
Galvez DESERVES, Trickett WILL 26.1%
Trickett DESERVES, Galvez WILL 4.3%
Trickett DESERVES, Trickett WILL 47.8%

The official decision was made the day this poll closed (all votes received BEFORE this decision). It turns out most voters were wrong - Galvez will be swimming the 100 Fly in Rome.

Last chance to vote on Nick D'arcy's rights to swim in Rome and possibly London! Poll closes tomorrow! Tomorrow's new poll will highlight a classic rematch from Beijing, one that needs no introduction...

Editor's note: I know most big-time swim fans have already narrowed what this could be down to two!

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