Sunday, April 5, 2009

Re-match Poll - Men's 4x100 Free Relay

Who will win the big re-match in Rome - USA or France? Results posted above.

Does Nick D'arcy DESERVE to swim in Rome and possibly London?
YES - 62.5%
NO - 37.5%

NEWS FLASH! Spain's Rafael Munoz has set a World and European record in the Spanish championships. The bronze medalist in the 50 Fly at the '08 European short course championships, Munoz achieved a long course 50 Fly standard of 22.43, absolutely DESTROYING Roland Schoeman's World Record of 22.96 from 2005 and Milorad Cavic's European record of 23.11 from last year. In the 100 Fly, he swam 50.58, tying Michael Phelps' gold medal swim from Bejing as the second fastest in history; it was a European record, one one-hundredth of a second ahead of Cavic's silver-medal winning time from the Olympics. For more information, click here. Also, Aschwin Wildeboer swam a stellar 52.93 European record in the 100 Back, making him the fourth fastest performer all-time (sixth fastest time), trailing Americans Peirsol, Bal, and Thoman.


  1. does anyone know what suit he was wearing???

  2. it's interesting to compare the results of your d'arcy poll with that of the SMH. the majority of the australian public thinks being denied to represent your country for the second time plus a suspended 14 month prison sentence is a fitting punishment for hitting a bloke. In the swimming community, I think people tend more to understand all the pain and sacrifice that this athlete has made to be selected onto that team, and think getting kicked off the olympic team is a big enough blow in itself.
    your results: yes 62.5% no 37.5%
    SMH results: yes 39% no 61%

    i also think this may have to do with the wording of the question.

    yours: Does Nick D'arcy DESERVE to swim in Rome and possibly London?

    SMH: Do you agree with Swimming Australia's decision to ban Nick D'Arcy from world championships?
    Yes - he committed a criminal act
    No - he was already banned from the Olympics

    fucking media hype

  3. i guess that he was wearing a jaked suit , i read an article saying that 90 percent of the finalist of the spanish open wore one of this suit. aswin also wore one .

  4. Coming soon: my thoughts on this situation. I'm thinking about going Seth Myers because of the uncanny similarities with the Phelps situation. For example, kinda ironic that it's EXACTLY two months after Phelps was suspended, the federation changing its mind, AGAIN, etc.