Thursday, June 25, 2009

Britta Steffen, 100 Free World Record, 52.85; Bullsuits

"I'm feeling in good shape but this suit is of a different world. This is a really weird piece of equipment, one that I've never worn before. You don't die in the last metres, and you feel no pain. Under normal circumstances, this suit should be forbidden, and I expect that by 2010 it will be. I felt like a speedboat in water, and never in my life would I have believed that a human could glide like that."

She sums it up rather well. I can add the Adidas Hydrofoil (her suit) to my list of "Bullsuits." Already includes the Jaked 01, Arena X-Glide, and to some extent the Blueseventy. NO ONE is happy! (Ok, maybe guys like Fred Bousquet or Rafael Munoz who have their precious Jakeds back.) When will FINA get the message? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Because of the Bullsuits, I will make two prediction lists for the World Champs. One based on the swimmers, one based on the suits. The only reason for the first one is to show what would have happened and to show the effects that Bullsuits make.

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  1. I think these people should stop making newer suits. The suits are being banned and then they decide to not make it banned anymore, if they keep doing that, then stop making newer suits ! It ruins the sport ! Let people train hard ! And not make people believe its the suit that did it all !