Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Australian Short Course Championships

The Australian Short Course Championships run Wednesday, July 13 through Sunday, July 17, in Melbourne. Because of the time difference, prelims are already underway Down Under, even though it is still Tuesday night in America. Top finishers from this meet will qualify to represent Australia at the World Short Course Championships this December in Dubai, but many swimmers are simply using this meet as a tune-up for the upcoming Pan Pacs and Commonwealth Games. Full session recaps will be available at Swimming Australia's website, and live results can be found here. I will predict event winners for the meet.

Wednesday, July 13
Men's 200 Free - Tomasso D'Orsogna
Women's 50 Breast - Sarah Katsoulis
Men's 100 Back - Hayden Stoeckel
Women's 200 Fly - Jessicah Schipper
Men's 100 Breast - Brenton Rickard
Women's 100 Back - Emily Seebohm
Men's 100 Fly - Adam Pine
Women's 400 IM - Ellen Fullerton
Men's 800 Free - Travis Nederpelt

Thursday, July 14
Women's 100 Free - Emily Seebohm
Men's 400 IM - Thomas Fraser-Holmes
Women's 50 Fly - Yolane Kukla
Men's 50 Free - Ashley Callus
Women's 100 IM - Emily Seebohm

Friday, July 15
Men's 50 Back - Daniel Arnamnart
Women's 200 Back - Belinda Hocking
Men's 50 Fly - Geoff Huegill
Women's 100 Breast - Leisel Jones
Men's 400 Free - Robert Hurley
Men's 200 IM - Leith Brodie
Women's 400 Free - Kylie Palmer
Men's 200 Breast - Brenton Rickard

Saturday, July 16
Women's 50 Back - Marieke Guehrer
Men's 100 Free - Eamon Sullivan
Women's 100 Fly - Felicity Galvez
Men's 100 IM - Leith Brodie
Women's 50 Free - Cate Campbell
Women's 200 IM - Emily Seebohm
Men's 50 Breast - Karl Wurzer

Sunday, July 17
Men's 200 Back - Bobby Jovanovich
Women's 200 Breast - Leisel Jones
Men's 200 Fly - Nick D'arcy
Women's 200 Free - Kylie Palmer
Men's 1,500 Free - Robert Hurley
Women's 1,500 Free - Belinda Bennett


Other upcoming meets include the Open Water World Championships, which begin Saturday with the women's 10k in Roberval, Canada, as well as the Southeastern Sectional meet in Athens, Georgia, which will feature Auburn sprint stars Cesar Cielo and Fred Bousquet, as well as Amanda Weir, which runs Thursday, July 15 through Sunday, July 18. Full session recaps will be available on Swimming World.com after each session of both meets, and I will post a blog about the Open Water Worlds this weekend.

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