Friday, July 30, 2010

U.S. Nationals: Day Negative 3

The predictions throw-down between me and Chris DeSantis has begun to garner some attention. As I mentioned yesterday, the Screaming Viking (Shawn Klosterman) has blogged his opinions on the contest, and now Braden Keith of The Swimmer's Circle has joined in the fun. Braden thought a photoshopped picture of me and Chris fighting, with Shawn the referee, would be a good image of the blog fight. Braden also recommended making teams, so I created a Facebook fan page for David "The Swim Geek" Rieder. Please, like my page! As I write this, I have one fan.

Some advice to you daring predictors out there: keep in mind the event schedule! Oh wait, am I the only one who knows it? Whoops, the schedule is on page three of the meet book.

The schedule determines what many of the top swimmers at the meet will swim. Right now, I will take a look at the most likely event programs for four of the most well-known swimmers on Team USA, based on what events they appear in on the psych sheet. The four are Michael Phelps, Katie Hoff, Natalie Coughlin, and Ryan Lochte.

Day One (Tuesday, August 3): Off
Day Two (Wednesday, August 4): 200 free, 200 fly
Day Three (Thursday, August 5): 100 fly
Day Four (Friday, August 6): 200 IM
Day Five (Saturday, August 7): 200 back

Day One: 200 IM, 400 free
Day Two: 200 free
Day Three: 400 IM
Day Four: 200 back
Day Five: 100 free

Day One: 100 fly
Day Two: 100 back
Day Three: 50 free (possibly)
Day Four: Off
Day Five: 100 free

Day One: 400 free, 400 IM (one out of two, depending on his groin injury)
Day Two: 200 free, 100 back (probably only one out of two, most likely the 200 free)
Day Three: 100 fly, 50 free (doubtful he will actually swim either one)
Day Four: 100 free, 200 IM (probably one out of two, depending on his groin, although he may swim both in prelims)
Day Five: 200 back

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