Monday, July 2, 2012

U.S. Olympic Trials: Day Eight Finals Predictions

Though I am now 1000 miles away from Olympic Trials in Omaha, but we still have two more races to complete: the finals of the women's 50 free and men's 1500 free. One word describes each race that we see tonight: explosive categorizes the women's 50 free and strategic in the men's mile. Take a look at my thoughts from Omaha last night. For the last time, now, take a look at my predictions for night eight of the men's 1500.

Women's 50 Free
1. Jessica Hardy
2. Dara Torres

Men's 1500 Free
1. Chad La Tourette
2. Andrew Gemmell

Connor Jaeger aims to swim just a 1500 tonight as he goes for the Olympic team,

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