Saturday, May 16, 2009

100 Back Poll Results

Who will win the Men's 100 Back tonight at Ultra-Swim?

Ben Hesen 1.6%
Ryan Lochte 23.4%
Aaron Peirsol 29.7%
Michael Phelps 34.4%
Nick Thoman 10.9%

61 total votes

Some trends I noticed: Thoman was the early leader in the poll, but then Phelps and Lochte were neck and neck for a while. Peirsol has since gone by Lochte.

I think that the race will be from the middle of the pool, Peirsol in 4, Phelps in 5. I think Lochte and Thoman will battle it out for 3rd. I think at least the first two will go under 54, making an impact (small but substantial) on the world rankings. Currently, Lochte is the only American under 54 this year, with a 53.95 from the Orlando sectional meet. My list of times for what would be good for MP says 53.5-53.8, so we shall soon see. Finals are about to start. Go to to view the live stream from the meet.

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