Saturday, May 9, 2009

Charlotte Ultra-Swim Predictions

W 800 Free: K. Hoff/E. Bruneman/M. Bird
M 1,500 Free: P. Vanderkaay/J. Kinderwater/C. Peterson

W 200 Free: K. Hoff/D. Knutson/J. Smit Or: M. Descenza
M 200 Free: M. Phelps/P. Vanderkaay/R. Lochte
W 100 Breast: L. Sogar
M 100 Breast: M. Gangloff/E. Shanteau
W 100 Fly: M. Descenza/C. Magnuson/J. Lowe
M 100 Fly: M. Phelps/C. Swanepoel/T. McGill Also watch: D. Tarwater
W 400 IM: E. Beisel/J. Smit/D. Knutson
M 400 IM: T. Pereira/R. Lochte/T. Clary*

W 200 Fly: M. Descenza/J. Lowe/E. Beisel
M 200 Fly: D. Tarwater/A. Vanderkaay/M. Patton
W 50 Free: K. Joyce/A. Weir/C. Magnuson
M 50 Free: C. Jones/G. Bovell/N. Brunelli
W 100 Back: H. McGregory/G. Spofforth/M. Descenza
M 100 Back: R. Lochte/A. Peirsol/M. Phelps
W 200 Breast: L. Sogar
M 200 Breast: E. Shanteau/C. Burckle/M. Gangloff
W 400 Free: K. Hoff/D. Knutson/C. Burckle
M 400 Free: P. Vanderkaay/R. Lochte/M. Patton

W 1,500 Free: E. Brunemann
M 800 Free: J. Kinderwater
W 200 IM: D. Knutson/J. Smit/E. Beisel
M 200 IM: R. Lochte/T. Pereria/E. Shanteau
W 200 Back: E. Beisel/H. McGregory/M. Descenza Don't forget: G. Spofforth
M 200 Back: R. Lochte/A. Peirsol/T. Clary
W 100 Free: K. Joyce/A. Weir/K. Hoff Others: J. Smit, C. Magnuson, D. Knutson
M 100 Free: M. Phelps/C. Jones/R. Lochte Or: Nick Brunelli

*Pereira just swam a somewhat-rested 4:14-flat at the Brazilian trials, so I think he will be fast. Clary took time off after NCAAs, so I don't expect him to be anywhere near peak.

Poll on Men's 100 Back closed - results to be posted before race.

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