Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ultra-Swim Wrap-up

The Charlotte Ultra-Swim is behind us, and Michael Phelps is back. Tonight, I noticed the athletes were good, but not great in most cases. Peirsol, Beisel, Phelps - all three were solid, but not out of this world.

Men's 200 Back: Peirsol/Clary

1:56.65 to 1:57.05, Peirsol just beat Clary. Obviously a much better swim for Clary than Peirsol. Peirsol not as good as he was in the 100 yesterday, but solid nonetheless. Peirsol and Clary now ranked 7th and 9th in the world in 2009.

Men's 200 IM: Pereira/Lochte

Pereira, coming off the Brazilian trials last week, which he was somewhat rested for, beat Lochte 1:58.25 to 1:58.71. Both solid swims, but really good for Lochte, who was completely unrested wearing an FS-Pro legskin, compared to Pereira's Blueseventy. They move up to 4th and 5th in the world this year, behind Darian Townsend (RSA), Ken Takakuwa (JPN), and James Goddard (GBR). Expect some good things from Ryan Lochte this summer.

Men's 100 Free: Bousquet/Phelps

Very similar to the 100 Back last night. Bousquet got a good lead on Phelps (a full second), and although Phelps made up a little ground, it wasn't enough, as the Jaked-clad Bousquet beat Phelps in FS-Pro leggings. Bousquet's 48.22 was a solid swim (out in 22.83, NOT under world record pace), his second best ever, and Phelps' 49.04 leaves him 37th in the world (think how fast this event has gotten!), but with plenty of room for improvement.

Race of the night: Amanda Weir, Women's 100 Free, 54.06

After her American record of 53.58 in 2006, Weir has fallen off the map a little bit, missing the Beijing Olympics, but she went a full second faster tonight than she did in the finals of the Olympic trials and is officially back. If the American women want to win the 4x100 Free Relay at the Worlds (which looks hard enough at this point), they need Weir, Kara Lynn Joyce, Lacey Nymeyer, and Dara Torres at their respective bests, and Weir is right on her way to that. By the way, you gotta feel bad for Joyce - 4th in both the 50 and 100 Free and out of the finals of the 200...ugh!

So, who had the best swim of the Ultra-Swim? Phelps in the 200 Free, Bousquet in the 50 Free, Peirsol in the 100 Back, or Weir in the 100 Free?
Results posted above.

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