Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nationals: Day 1 Recap and Day 2 Preview

Instead of my usual rambling about all of the swims, I'll give my one or two-word reaction to each swimmer's race. Note: "Bullsuits" refers to the extremely unnaturally fast swims produced by the Jaked and Arena X-Glide.

Christine Magnuson, W 100 Fly (57.15): Decent...

Dana Vollmer, W 100 Fly (57.32): WOW! (LZR, no bullsuit)

Peter Vanderkaay, M 400 Free (3:45.17): Decent...?

Julia Smit, W 200 IM (2:09.34): Pretty good!

Elizabeth Pelton, W 200 IM (2:11.03): WOW! (dropped 8 secs from 2008, but STILL IN LZR)

Ariana Kukors/Dagny Knutson, W 200 IM (2:11.07/2:11.11): Seen better... (this year, in fact)

Dan Madwed, M 400 Free (3:47.24): BULLSUITS!

Mark Gangloff, M 100 Breast (59.01 AR): BULLSUITS!

Eric Shanteau, M 100 Breast (59.45): BULLSUITS!

Everyone else, M 100 Breast: BULLSUITS!

Allison Schmitt, W 400 Free (4:06.77): Decent... (in a bullsuit, but not that fast)

Chloe Sutton, W 400 Free (4:07.20): Pretty good!

Katie Hoff, W 400 Free (4:12.34): Ugh...

Ryan Lochte, M 400 IM (4:06.40): Pretty good!

Tyler Clary: M 400 IM (4:06.96): BULLSUITS!

(Unlike Mr. Craig Lord,) I am not trying to be disrespectful in any way towards the guys who I have called "BULLSUITS." I am just saying that I don't think they would have been quite as fast in a LZR or FS-Pro. Here's what I see coming tonight:

W 100 Back: McGregory goes 58.89 AR, Beisel 2nd at 59.9.

M 200 Free: Phelps wins, 1:43-mid; Lochte 2nd at 1:44-high, just ahead of Vanderkaay. Berens (4th) and Walters (5th) go 1:45-high, and Tarwater gets sixth.

M 100 Back: Peirsol 52.2 WR, Thoman 52.4 2nd, Grevers 52.6 3rd. LOVE to see Dave Cromwell make it, but I can't see it. NOTE: Randall Bal has gotten sick and is pulling out of the finals. Click here to view the full story on

With Bal's withdrawl, the World Record-holder in the 50 Back won't be swimming in Rome.

W 200 Free: Dana Vollmer wins it in 1:55-high, either an American Record or just off. Schmitt gets second 1:56-mid, just ahead of Dagny Knutson. Ariana Kukors fourth, Katie Hoff bounces back (a little bit) to get fifth, and then Kate Dwelley just beats Lacey Nymeyer for sixth.

M 200 Fly: Phelps doesn't get that WR yet (wait for Rome), but he wins in 1:52-high, as he is still tired coming off the 200 Free. Dan Madwed just edges out Davis Tarwater and Mark Dylla for second. All three 1:55 or better.

M 50 Breast World Record attempt: According to Rowdy Gaines on Twitter, Mark Gangloff, the new American Record-holder in the 100 Breast is doing a World Record attempt tonight in the 50 Breast. I think there is no question he'll get it. The time: 26.73. (You heard it here first.)

A note about Julia Smit: After the brilliant 2:09.34 in the 200 IM, I thought she would be roaring to go for the 200 Free. Instead, she finished at 2:00, ending up tenth. Since she had a spot on the team, she could possibly have still been on the 4x200 Free Relay if she had swam fast enough (1:56 or so - which she's done) in the B-Final. Instead, she pulled out. I understand she wants to save up for other events, but still. She could have made an arguement.

And finally, Caroline Burckle. Returing from an extended break after Beijing, she was 3rd in the 400 Free last night and will swim in the 200 Free C-Final. I actually think she has a chance to make the team in the upcoming 800 Free. With Katie Hoff not at her best, and Kate Ziegler unlikely to swim because of her case of swine flu, Burckle looks like a strong bet to finish in the top two. The favorite in the event would be Chloe Sutton, looking to add the 800 to her World Champs program. While it would be unwise to completely discount Hoff, and there still is the possibility of Ziegler swimming, both scenarios look quite unlikely. This is Burckle's last chance for Rome.


  1. i feel you are biased to speedo , they started the suit war last year when they got out the lzr less than a year after the fs pro . the other compagnies reacted to avoid going down. the usa , gb and australia didn't give a damm about what the other contries were woried to get their hands on the speedo suit. speedo and their fina alie opened the pendora box so i think it is karma biting them.

  2. Didn't see this until just now! You are right - I am admittedly biased towards Speedo. Maybe it's because that's all I wear. :)

    I don't feel, however, that the LZR has as much of an impact on times, strokes, etc. as newer suits like the Jaked. I do feel that the LZR is the most high tech suit out there, because it was designed with the poly panels in certain places without just covering a suit with a floaty. Agree about the karma.