Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Roma 09: Day 3 Prelims

Prelims this morning were pretty uneventful. Everyone who needs to be in got in. All three semis tonight will be big dogfights for sure. I'm predicting, after what we saw in the prelims, Silva's world record in the 50 breast is history in tonight's semis.

Tonight's finals:

M 200 Free:
Gold: Michael Phelps 1:43.04
Silver: Paul Biedermann 1:43.39
Bronze: Danila Izotov 1:44.93
*Any one of six guys could fight for the bronze

W 100 Back:
Gold: Kirsty Coventry 58.39 WR
Silver: Anastasia Zueva 58.52
Bronze: Gemma Spofforth 58.64

W 1500 Free:
Gold: Alessia Filippi 15:48.72
Silver: Lotte Friis 15:51.56
Bronze: Camelia Potec 15:52.07

M 100 Back:
Gold: Ryosuke Irie 52.06
Silver: Aschwin Wildeboer 52.26
Bronze: Junya Koga 52.49

W 100 Breast:
Gold: Rebecca Soni 1:04.80 WR
Silver: Annamay Pierse 1:04.99
Bronze: Yuliya Efimova 1:05.09

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