Sunday, July 26, 2009

Roma 09: Day 1 Prelims

Wow, that was an interesting session. Just some notes from the morning:

- I predicted eight out of twelve Americans would advance - got that right.

- I predicted CRs in 3 out of 8 events, as well as the 100 free lead-off; CRs actually fell in SEVEN events - the only survivor was Ian Thorpe's 400 free from 2001.

- SO HAPPY for Ariana Kukors - knew she had the 2:08 in her! Hopefully, she can hang onto this spot for a while...

- The men's 100 breast is DEEP! 14 guys went under 1:00 - to decide who wins just flip a coin!

- Sarah Sjodin, who set the 100 fly CR: 15 years old, came back FASTER than Inge de Bruijin - not sure anyone has ever done that. People say it was all the suits and whatever, but I think this girl will be a big stud in the future.

- Women's 400 free relay: really hope the Americans can win a medal in this... looks like Christine Magnuson stays, and joining her will be Amanda Weir, Dana Vollmer, and Dara Torres (confirmed via Twitter). Looks like they'll have to beat Germany for the bronze.

- Men's 400 free relay: some of you may be thinking "oh no, the US is in fourth..." when it's completely fine. Brazil and Great Britain both had their top four 100 freestylers, while the US has three or four fresh guys coming in tonight. France had one really good split (Gilot 47.12), but it looks like they may be in trouble with guy no. 4. We shall see.

Predix for finals:

M 400 Free:
Gold: Zhang 3:41.77
Silver: Mellouli 3:42.27
Bronze: Biedermann 3:42.76

W 400 Free:
Gold: Pellegrini 3:59.77 WR
Silver: Adlington 3:59.89
Bronze: Jackson 4:00.16

W 400 Free Relay:
Gold: Netherlands (Heemskerk, Dekker, Kromowidjojo, Veldhuis) 3:32.89 WR
Silver: Germany (Steffen, Samulski, Dallmann, Schreiber) 3:34.16
Bronze: Australia (Galvez, Guehrer, Reese, Trickett) 3:34.29
*Torres has to pull off a 52-flat (at least) split for the Americans to be in the hunt

M 400 Free Relay:
Gold: France (Bernard, Gilot, Leveaux, Bousquet) 3:07.41 WR
Silver: USA (Phelps, Lochte, Walters, Adrian) 3:08.09 AR
Bronze: Russia (Grechin, Lagunov, Izotov, Sukhorukov) 3:09.87

Predic: American records will fall in 5 events


  1. Cullen Jones twitter indicates that Grevers will be swimming the finals, so my guess is Lochte isn't.

  2. My mistake, I guess they pulled Walters b/c of his illness....Good thing Eddie Reese isn't coach...

  3. Yes! The 'Grand Slam' of the Dutch women relay team is complete! Pity for the US with the 4th place.